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Featured Artist Program

During November, the Whittemore Library will feature the photography of Woodbury (CT) resident, Michael Gallagher.  This month’s exhibit of permanent pigment giclée prints was created using negatives taken between September 1987 through February 1988 at Holyland USA.  Holyland USA was a religious theme park built in Waterbury (CT) under the auspices of the late Attorney John Greco.  Today, it lies abandoned, largely a victim of vandalism and folk-art collectors, who over the years have helped themselves by chiseling away pieces of a curious amalgam of scrap metal, abandoned appliances, construction materials, and junk.

Mr. Gallagher is a nationally recognized fine art photographer who has had a number of solo exhibitions covering wide-ranging subjects including multiple perspective images of China and Tibet, urban decay, and archeological images all captured in a variety of digital formats.  Additionally, he has participated in group exhibitions and he has been the recipient of numerous grants and fellowships to pursue personal work and he has received several honors.  His articles have been published in local newspapers as well as The New York Times, and he has delivered lectures on digital and electronic photographic techniques in a variety of settings.  Mr. Gallagher was a photography teacher at both Westover School in Middlebury (CT) and The Taft School in Watertown (CT), and he has conducted workshops both locally and abroad designed to introduce individuals to photography as a medium as well as those interested in teaching digital photography courses.  His works are held in the permanent collections of museums and universities in addition to private collections.

Mr. Gallagher remains busy in his retirement by volunteering in a number of ways in the local community. The Woodbury Public Library, the Arts Alliance of Woodbury, Flanders Nature Center in Woodbury, and the Mattatuck Museum in Waterbury all benefit from his time and his expertise.



Permanent Pigment Giclée Prints by Michael Gallagher


More About Our Featured Artist Program

The purpose of the Whittemore Library Exhibit Program is to provide creative persons with the opportunity to share their talents with the public and to share their talents with the public and to contribute to the cultural and educational well-being of the community.

Exhibitors: Preference is given to Naugatuck residents. Groups are invited to display artwork on the condition that a representative of the group is selected to coordinate the exhibit with the Library Exhibit Coordinator. The library will feature classroom artworks from within the Naugatuck school system; however, the library will not feature of promote the artwork of an individual student. 

Exhibit Period: Art exhibits are scheduled in accordance with the library’s Calendar of Events and run for approximately one month.

Setting up the Exhibit: The Library Exhibit Coordinator is responsible for all artwork in the public display area. Each exhibit will be set up and taken down by the artist and/or the Library Exhibit Coordinator or a library staff representative at a mutually agreed upon time during regular library hours. All exhibits are scheduled through the office of the Exhibit Coordinator. Interested artists are encouraged to contact the Exhibit Coordinator to discuss exhibit opportunities. 

Insurance Forms: When the exhibit is set up, the artist will be required to complete and sign a loan form listing each piece by title/description, medium, and dollar value. Any piece of artwork that is valued at $500.00 or more must be accompanied by a formal written appraisal at the time of submission. The loan form will also be signed by the Library Exhibit Coordinator or a library staff representative, and it will be retained for insurance purposes. At the close of the exhibit, the artist will be asked to sign this form again indicating that all artwork was returned in its original condition.

Publicity: All public relations will be handled by the library’s Publicity Coordinator. Press releases are routinely sent to area newspapers and television and radio stations through the office of the Library Exhibit Coordinator. News releases are composed based on information supplied by the artist. 

Exhibit Sales: The library is a non-profit organization, and therefore cannot be involved in the sale of any exhibit item. No prices or price lists will be displayed during the exhibit, nor will library staff give an indication as to the value of an exhibit item. The exhibitor’s name and address and/or telephone number and email contact information will be made available to interested parties. Artists are welcome to provide business cards for take-away.

Please note: The exhibit wall measures 7’6” high and 20’ long. All art exhibits hang for approximately one month, in accordance with the Library’s Calendar of Events. For more information, please contact Karen Petersen, Library Exhibit Coordinator at hwladcirc@biblio.org.