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Nellie Beatty Meeting Room

The Whittemore Library’s Nellie Beatty Meeting Room is available for use by the groups in the community. 

The following guidelines govern the use of the Nellie Beatty Room:

  1. The Library maintains its facilities primarily for Library-related programs. These programs may be sponsored or co-sponsored by the Library in order to fulfill its mission to provide educational, informational and recreational opportunities for the community.
  2. The room may be used by non-profit organizations providing such use does not interfere with Library functions.
  3. Acceptance will be on a first come, first served basis.
  4. Applications for meetings held during Library hours must be made one week in advance. Applications must be approved by the Director.
  5. Applications for meetings after Library hours must be made two weeks in advance and will require the approval of the Director.
  6. The application will name an adult who will be responsible for any or all damage to the building, facilities, and equipment.
  7. Audio-visual equipment is available and must be operated by Library Staff. An operator charge is set by the Library Board.
  8. The Nellie Beatty meeting room may be reserved for a maximum of three hours or a minimum of one hour. The appropriate donation must be made at the time of the application.
  9. There is no smoking in the Library.
  10. The Library reserves the right to refuse the use of the meeting room.
  11. Failure to follow guidelines will result in revocation of use of meeting room.
  12. Permission to use the meeting room does not in any way constitute or imply an endorsement of its beliefs, policies, or programs by any Library official or by the Board of Trustees.