Databases & E-books

Databases & E-books

Databases collect thousands of articles and information from a variety of dependable sources as 

magazines, newspapers, scholarly journals, primary sources, and other works. Entering search terms 

allows the user to access subjects and topics with more trustworthy results than just “Googling” or 

relying only on Wikipedia. 

E-books and E-audio books are available for free through two sources. Overdrive (insert link) is an e-

book site we share with other libraries’ patrons that are part of our Bibliomation network. One-Click 

Digital (insert link) is provided by the Connecticut State Library. 

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IConn is a suite of databases that can help you research a project from elementary school to graduate 

school. You can also use it for biographies, historical, legal and health information, 211 community 

referrals, old newspapers, and more. 

Learning Express Library (logo and link for log-in)

Learning Express is our online resource paid for through our budget that allows patrons to study for and 

take practice tests of educational and career goals. Prepare for college entrance exams. Take practice 

tests and skill-building tutorials that can help advance a career. Study for professional certification, 

licensing, and aptitude tests in civil service, law enforcement, firefighting, EMS, military, real estate, and 

healthcare, among others. Successfully prepare for the GED® exam when working toward a high school 

diploma. Dramatically improve or refresh basic skills in reading, writing, and math or get remedial help 

for school subjects. 

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